What does BWRT® stand for ?

BWRT® stand for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy. It is a new and effective therapy based on the latest scientific research on how the human brain works. Recursive refers to the looping process that concentrates and focuses your thoughts, reinforcing those changes you are making and replacing your old response with your preferred respons pattern.

How does BWRT® work ?

BWRT® works by using the natural processes and the way that your own brain works on a daily basis to replacing the behaviour or emotion with your preferred response pattern. Many therapies work on the response after it has occured but BWRT® deals with the problem, before you are even consciously aware of it. For more information on how BWRT® works, please click here

How long do the results last ?

BWRT® has been available since 2011 and current research suggests that the results are permanent with no relapse or replacement with other symptoms.

Will I have to share personal information or relive painful situations ?

BWRT® is an exceptionally private form of therapy. Your practitioner will only require enough information to be able to assess that this is a suitable treatment for you - they will ask a few questions about your background and what has brought you to see them - but they will not ask you to reveal any secrets or intimate details of your life and there will be no need to dig extensively into painful situations from the past.

How many sessions will I need ?

BWRT® is a fast way of working with many different psychological problems. In many cases the results are almost immediate, it will completely alleviate symptoms in just a single session - though if several symptoms or trigger situations are present, you may require more than one session. Advanced treatments usually take place over 4 or more sessions, and sometimes a monthly support session is recommended for a short while to monitor progress.

How can I attend a session ?

We work from clinics in Skipton, Harrogate and Northallerton. We also offer therapy using Skype, which means that we may be able to treat you wherever you are based in the world, providing you have a good internet connection and can speak English.

What can I expect from a session ?

Your practitioner will usually start with an assessment where you will be asked to share some basic information such as basic medical information - this is to ensure that this treatment is suitable for you and there is nothing to prevent it taking place. You will be asked to share how you feel and whether you can imagine how you would like to feel instead. If so, we can get straight to work. If not, your practitioner will help you to decide how you want to feel.

What happens in the assessment session ?

The initial assessment is an opportunity for you to meet with your therapist and to decide whether they are right for you as much as the therapist finding out about you. Successful hypnotherapy can only take place in an environment of trust and relaxation. You might understandably be a little nervous and have questions about your treatment, and your therapist will answer these. They will also need to find out a bit about your medical background, your family history and current circumstances, and, of course, they will need to know about the issue you wish to resolve. Your therapist will ask a number of questions to ensure that they can ethically and effectively treat you.

I have tried therapy before but it didn't work, can you still help me ?

People change and therapists work in different ways - just because therapy didn't work for you in the past does not mean that it will not work now. Perhaps it was simply the wrong type of therapy for you. BWRT® is a relatively new therapy and works in a different way to many other therapies available. We would be happy to discuss any concerns you might have when you contact us.

What about confidentiality and data protection ?

We take your confidentiality seriously. Although, as with any therapeutic practice, it might be necessary to make notes at some point, we keep case notes securely and do not keep electronic copies of confidential material. Everything you tell us is in complete confidence at all times.

What is your success rate ?

We cannot ethically claim a success rate, and it is strictly forbidden to do so by many professional associations. The success rate of any type of therapy would have to be independently verified to be meaningful in any way, and it is impossible to do this. There is no guarantee with any type of therapeutic or medical intervention and to claim a percentage success rate would be unethical. The therapies offered here are no different - we do not have a 'magic wand' that can cure anything and, as with other medical conditions, clients can experience relapses.

What are your fees ?

Please visit the Pricing page for an up-to-date list of fees.

What payment methods do you accept ?

Payment by cash or cheque is preferable. Credit cards are also accepted at the Northallerton clinic. We can invoice you in advance of your session so that you can pay by bank transfer or by Paypal. Please note that PayPal payments incur a small processing charge of 3.4% +20p per transaction.

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments ?

Evening appointments are available but these tend to be very popular, so are not always immediately available. We will do our best to see you at a convenient time but there may be a wait. Weekend appointments are somtimes available but not necessarily on a weekly basis.

What happens if I have to cancel or miss a session I have booked ?

We realise that modern lives are busy and that sometimes things happen at the last minute. If you notify us that you need to cancel up to 24 hours before your appointment, there will be no charge and any pre-payments for that session will be refunded. You will, of course, be offered an alternative date for your appointment. we reserve the right to charge the full amount for any session that is missed without notification.

Where can I find more information about BWRT®

You can find out much more about BWRT® at the official website here: www.bwrt.org

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